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CFI Event Calendar

Date (2016) Flooring Type City, State Download Flyer
Mar 31-Apr 1 Residential Carpet Anaheim, California flyer
April 4-5 Residential Carpet Nashville, Tennessee flyer
April 7-8 Hardwood & Laminate Nashville, Tennessee flyer
Apr 12-13 Carpet Fresno, California flyer
April 15 Sales Training Kansas City, Missouri web
April 21-22 Carpet - ALL LEVELS Dallas, Texas flyer
May 10-11 Hardwood & Laminate Fort Myers, Florida flyer
May 12-13 Residential Carpet Fort Myers, Florida flyer
May 16 Sales Training Philadelphia, PA web
June 14-15 Estimating & Measuring Kansas City, Missouri flyer
June 21-22 Carpet Ft. Wayne, Indiana


June 21-22 Ceramic Tile Ft. Wayne, Indiana flyer
June 23-24 Hardwood & Laminate Ft. Wayne, Indiana flyer
June 23-24 Resilient Ft. Wayne, Indiana flyer
June 24 Sales Training Los Angeles, California web
July 12-13 Hardwood & Laminate Troy, Michigan flyer
July 19-20 Ceramic Tile Chicago, Illinois pdf
July 19-20 Resilient (Residential) Chicago, Illinois pdf
July 29 Sales Training Sacramento, CA web
Aug 3-5 Convention 2016 Dallas, Texas web
Aug 19 Sales Training Indianapolis, Indiana web
Aug 23-24 Hardwood & Laminate Indianapolis, Indiana pdf
Aug 23-24 Residential Carpet Indianapolis, Indiana pdf
Sept 12 Sales Training Seattle, Washington web
Sept 20-21 Hardwood & Laminate St. Louis, Missouri pdf
Sept 27-28 Carpet Tucson, Arizona pdf
Sept 30 Sales Training St. Louis, Missouri web
Oct 10 Sales Training Orlando, Florida web
Oct 11-12 Carpet Kansas City, Missouri pdf
October 18-19 Carpet Chicago, Illinois pdf
October 18-19 Hardwood & Laminate Chicago, Illinois pdf
Nov 1-2 Hardwood & Laminate Milwaukee, Wisconsin pdf
Dec 6-7 Carpet Davenport, Iowa pdf
Dec 6-7 Ceramic Tile Davenport, Iowa pdf
Dec 16 Sales Training Dallas, Texas web



Can't find an event in your area?


No problem! Request a hosting packet to find out what it takes to bring a CFI event to your location!



Need specialized training for your shop?


We do that! Contact us today to get a training package customized for your installer needs! Let us know how many installers you have, where you are located and what type of flooring training is needed.



Want to pay half price?


It's possible! The WFCA (World Floor Covering Association) offers trade scholarships that pay 50% towards educational events in the flooring industry, up to $500! You can even get 75% off if you are WFCA CFP Certified!


In addition to the scholarship, the WFCA has a wealth of benefits that go along with being a member. Check out all the benefits at