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CFI Certifications & Training Courses

Carpet | Hardwood/Laminate | Ceramic | Resilient | Sales

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Study Guides available : Carpet | Wood/Laminate | Ceramic | Resilient

If testing for advanced levels, additional study materials will be sent upon registration.


Carpet Courses


CFI Carpet Training


Residential and Commercial Carpet Training and Certification


Minimum 2 years’ experience required for Certification


1 and ½-day course focus is hands-on, skills training and knowledge for the entry-level flooring installers.  Certification awarded if the requirements of this level are achieved and installers pass the written test.  Assistance is given and all skills are assessed and new ideas offered to achieve satisfaction and pride.  



  • Seam construction
  • Avoiding seam problems
  • Powerstretching techniques
  • Trimming
  • Pattern alignment
  • Stair Upholstery
  • Direct-Glue installation techniques
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Carpet Backings


    Advanced Residential and Commercial Certification


    Minimum 4 years’ experience required for Certification


    This is an advanced certification so assistance is provided other than the Advanced CFI Study Guide.  Course is 1 ½ days.  R-I C-I CFI Certification required prior to testing.



    Woven and Patterned Carpet Workshop


    CFI Woven and Patterned Workshop



    The 2-day CFI Skills Workshop is a “working” event to introduce new techniques and tools for the installation of woven and patterned carpets and techniques to provide solutions should problems occur in the field.



  • Importance of Customer Satisfaction
  • CFI and the Patterned Carpet Installation Professional Introduction
  • Identification and Characteristics of the Weaves
  • Backing Identification
  • Patterned – Woven Carpets
  • Commercial Setting – Direct Glue - Attached Cushion Commercial
  • Type of Pattern – Importance of the Pattern Count
  • Seam Construction – Matching Tolerant and Deviant Patterns
  • Pattern Tolerances - Hook Consideration and Pattern Loss
  • Powerstretching and Wall Trimmer Installation Techniques
  • Tools – Deadman, Restretcher, Cottonhead, Dry Line, Square
  • Installation of Patterns over Cushion - Installation of Woven Patterns
  • Addresses preparation, installation and problem solving techniques
  • Hand Sewing Techniques

    Carpet Estimating Workshop


    CFI Estimating Course



    The 2-day Workshop is designed primarily for residential.  It can be presented in a different format for commercial upon request when you host the event. 



  • Proven estimating techniques that work
  • Hands-on completion of diagrams and pattern matching
  • Importance of a detailed diagram
  • How to determine seam location – crossgrain seams – fill areas
  • Symbols
  • Figuring the pattern match
  • Layouts for difficult areas
  • Measuring stairs
  • Roll sequence
  • Consideration for shipping, ordering and manufacturing
  • Discussion with the customers and preparation for the installation
  • Responsibilities of all parties involved in the sale

    Carpet Installation Inspection Course



    Designed for the dealer, company inspector, installation manager, sales associates, distributors and others associated directly with carpet installation.  2-day course is taught by presentation, as well as demonstrations for attendees to understand the important role played by installation.  It focuses on how to alleviate difficult situations before they occur, how to recognize installation-related problems and how to solve them if they occur to achieve customer satisfaction.



  • The importance of understanding carpet backings as related to installation
  • Characteristics of carpet fibers and where products can be installed
  • Building a partnership with installers
  • Installation specifics include:
  • Seam Construction
  • Powerstretching Techniques
  • Seam Placement - Effect of lighting – Traffic - Seam Peaking
  • Stretch-in over cushion installation
  • Importance of proper selection of cushion
  • Direct-Glue installation - Importance of substrate preparation
  • Moisture – alkalinity – atmospheric conditions
  • Double-Glue installation – Attached Backings - Modular Tile
  • Transitions
  • Patterned carpet measuring and installation techniques
  • Commercial Marketplace
  • Problem Solving Related to Installation
  • Problem Solving Related to Sales
  • Problem Solving Related to Manufacturing
  • Problem Solving Related to the Customer


    Hardwood/Laminate Courses


    CFI Hardwood Training



    Laminate/Hardwood Training & Certification

    Minimum 2 years’ experience for Certification


    Laminate Topics:

  • Various types of fastening systems
  • Use of manufacturer’s recommended installation supplies
  • Specific installation properties and characteristics for each type of flooring
  • Glue vs. Click - Adhesives
  • Plank-lay direction
  • Startup and row stagger
  • Room size - Spacers  - Silicone sealant
  • Stairs
  • Transition systems
  • Expansion issues
  • Board repair
  • NALFA and Armstrong Certifications available

    Hardwood Topics:

  • Pre-finished hardwoods
  • Nail-down, glue-down and floating floor installations
  • Re-coating / Factory finishes
  • Transitions – two parts 
  • Balancing floors
  • Properties and characteristics of unfinished and pre-finished floors
  • Strip and plank
  • Engineered and parquet
  • Janka hardness
  • Cork and bamboo
  • Radiant systems
  • NWFA and Armstrong Certifications available


    Ceramic Tile Courses


    CFI Ceramic Training



    Ceramic Training & Certification

    Minimum 2 years’ experience for Certification



  • Properties and characteristics of tile vs. stone  
  • Setting materials  -  Substrate preparation
  • Deflection
  • Balancing floors
  • Backerboards  -  Membrane systems  -  Radiant systems
  • Estimating and layout
  • Demonstration of techniques for walls installation
  • TCNA and ANSI guidelines

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    Resilient Courses


    CFI Resilient Training



    Resilient Residential Training & Certification


    Minimum 2 years’ experience for Certification



  • Use of stripping agents
  • Patching compounds
  • Types of flooring
  • Wall base and transitions
  • Adhesives - Tools
  • Seam Preparation
  • Telegraphing
  • Installation over existing flooring
  • Armstrong certification available

    Resilient Commercial Training & Certification

    Minimum 2 years’ experience for Certification



  • Use of stripping agents
  • Patching compounds
  • Types of flooring
  • Wall base and transitions
  • Adhesives - Tools
  • Seam Preparation
  • Telegraphing
  • Installation over existing flooring
  • Flash coving
  • Seam Welding
  • Armstrong certification available

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