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Beautiful flooring, whether it is carpet, tile, hardwoods, laminates, resilients (vinyls) or something off the beaten path is an expression of who you are. It sets the atmosphere for your home, for your business workspace or any setting it covers. All spaces have some type of flooring. When you make a decision to put in the flooring you want, it's no small thing - it's an aesthetic investment as well as a financial one. Whether your budget is large or small, you should enjoy the full quality of the flooring you select. But the full quality of your flooring won't be seen in the showroom - it will only become reality when your flooring is installed.

The last person to handle your flooring before it truly becomes yours is your floorcovering installer. For every stunningly gorgeous floor, there is a risk that flooring could end up in a sort of flooring hall of shame. Over the years, any floor can sustain damage from unusual events or normal wear and tear. Those flaws aren't so much tragic as they are facts of life. However, when NEW flooring goes wrong, 90% of the time it goes wrong because of improper installation.

So how do you find a floorcovering installer who knows what they are doing? One who won't disappear in a hazy cloud of a disconnected cell phone number when three months later your new floors develop mystery bubbles where no bubbles should be bubbling?

Glad you asked . . .

At CFI we've been training floorcovering installers for over 18 years. We don't just train them, we test them on what they know, and we require them to continue educating themselves and training in updated techniques and new products. Installers who come to CFI for training and certification are investing in themselves as professionals because they want to be the very best at what they do, and they want to deliver a great floor to you. CFI installers step up to the plate and commit themselves to rigorous training because they genuinely care about what they do for a living, and they want to do it right.

CFI installation training set such a high standard for excellence, many flooring manufacturers specify their flooring must be installed by a CFI installer to meet warranty. (For a few examples, visit our Recommendations page.)

CFI installers will have proof of their skill level in floorcovering installation and are proud members of an organization that has already trained over 36,000 installers in the CFI Proven Methods of installation. CFI installers have signed an agreement committing themselves to excellence in their craft and customer service. CFI installers are committed to you and your floor because your CFI installers are committed to themselves and their craft and are extremely proud of their skill and ability to deliver a professional, quality installation every time.