Flooring Installation Training & Certification

No matter how beautiful a floorcovering is, the true quality of the floor will only be realized when you install it. You, the floorcovering installer, are the one who must bring the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly install the floor. That is a responsibility we don't take lightly at CFI.

Like just about anything else in the world, to do the job right you need to learn how to do it right, and enhance your skills in a hands-on environment. CFI provides exactly that - real hands-on training in proper floorcovering installation techniques (including how to correct problems from someone else's bad installation) -so you can develop real skills, demonstrate to yourself and others that you can do the work correctly, using the proper techniques, and earn certification of those skills that will allow you to move up in your career (and income!).

If you are new to floorcovering installation, it may be hard for you to believe there was a time when installers had little contact with each other or floorcovering manufacturers, when there was no system for recognizing and certifying proper installation techniques, and finding resources to learn how to improve your installation skills was difficult and unreliable. If you are not new to installation, but have never belonged to an organization that supports installers and is dedicated to training every installer in proper techniques and standarized skills, you are entering a whole new approach to floorcovering installation here.

Times certainly have changed, and CFI has been at the forefront of bringing about that change in the floorcovering installation profession. Floorcovering is not a static industry - new products are constantly introduced, and new products require new, specific skills for installation. Whether you are new to floorcovering installation or just ready to branch out and hone your skills, CFI can provide the training you need to reach a standard of excellence in your installations. In the past 15 years CFI has trained over 36,000 installers in the proper techniques of floorcovering installation, and our installers continue to train and update their skills throughout their profession.

A pessimist might say, "That's 36,000 installers who are better trained than I am. I should probably quit while I'm behind."

An optimist would say, "That's 36,000 opportunities to learn from other installers' skills and experience"

(If you think the optimist has a better grip on how to get around in this world - welcome to CFI!)

At CFI, we've forged alliances and working relationships with so many companies in the floorcovering industry with the goal of bringing recognition to the value of the floorcovering installer in the industry, and that connection keeps installers and manufacturer's both up to date on how to best bring quality to our customers.. Our professional bond with, and the strong financial support of the World Floor Covering Association has been one of the great pillars of our success. Mohawk Carpet is another great supporter of installers - they ship carpet to every CFI event for training and certification. There are so many great companies that contribute to the evolution of the floorcovering installer profession - AAT, APAC, Armstrong (who partners with us on hard surface training), Beno J. Gundlach, Burtco, Dependable, Duo-Fast, Evn Seam, Healthier Choice, Johnsonite, Koolglide, Leggett & Platt, Masland, Mapei, Orcon, Roberts/QEP, Seam Master and TRAXX - all of these companies have supported CFI in numerous way, including shipping products to our installation training and certification courses. These companies support installers because they recognize that the installer is going to bring out the full potential of their product to their customers.

Your skill in installation combined with education about the floorcovering industry and the business of a professional floorcovering installer is what will drive you to success - developing a professional reputation for quality installation, satisfied customers who will be happy to refer more business your way, and the personal development that comes from achieving success through hard work, education, training and connecting to other professional installers and industry associates in the world of floorcovering.

CFI is about installers helping installers rise to a level of professional skills and integrity that will bring the maximum beneficial impact to the floorcovering industry, the floorcovering installation profession, and to customers who care about the quality of their investment in their floors. Through training, certification, developing a network of contacts with other installers and the floorcovering industry, and especially through personal professional development, CFI will help you establish yourself as a skilled CERTIFIED floorcovering installer and enable you to earn the right to make more money at what you do by doing it right every time.